Startup company from any industry who is registered in Hong Kong fulfilling the abovementioned criteria with passion to grow and bring Hong Kong to the next level.
Submit your company profile (including BR number, company website, LinkedIn profile, business nature, management team, business vision, growth roadmap and plan) in form of PowerPoint / Word document on SUNeVision Startup Programme website.
No admission fee required.
There’s no limit to the number of admission.
Application will close on 31 December 2023 and the result will be announced on 6 February 2024.
SUNeVision and our ecosystem partners possess unparalleled business network in Hong Kong. The Startup Programme does not only assist you to expediate your IT infrastructure at minimal cost, but also provides opportunity for you to be enlisted in our ecosystem that accelerates your growth journey.
The winners will be awarded with SUNeVision Points (SeV Points) with three-tier level for redemption of service support from SUNeVision and the participating partners.
Please refer to the website for an array of exclusive offer, SeV Points and redemption.
There is no restriction on the type or combination of subscribing services  from SUNeVision and the participating partners with the redemption of SeV Points. Full credits are expended based on your needs.   
No compulsory renewal nor minimum usage required.
The SeV Points are designed to enable operations for at least 6 months.
For details, please reach out to SUNeVision Channel Team.
No, the allocated SeV Points are completely at your disposal. SUNeVision will not request any compensation from the startup companies.
For details, please reach out to SUNeVision Channel Team.
Any companies can apply, not limited to our customers.
The Startup Programme is designed to support startup in Hong Kong to accelerate innovation and scale up.
Yes, we welcome any companies with other incubation / startup programme engagement.
A major step is to complete the application as soon as possible by deadline.

To increase the probability of getting admitted, applicants shall:

- Demonstrate expertise contributing to the key areas of Hong Kong’s     innovation and technology industry:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology
  • Financial Technologies
  • Smart City
- Aim at growing businesses in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area in the next 3-5 years
- Committed to leveraging the innovations to bring Hong Kong to the next level on global certification and standings, in particular to the areas of:
  • BioHealth
  • Finance
  • Generative AI Application
  • Other Innovative Initiatives