SeV Points
Successful applicants will be awarded with SUNeVision Points (SeV Points) determined by their commitment and potential growth.
  • Tier 1                     HK$50,000 worth of SeV Points
  • Tier 2                     HK$90,000 worth of SeV Points
  • Tier 3                     HK$120,000 worth of SeV Points
Service Subscription
SeV Points can be redeemed for subscribing services from SUNeVision and our participating ecosystem partners:
  • Dataplugs: Internet and managed hosting
  • Finda Cloud: Omnichannel and business workflow
  • Nexusguard: Cybersecurity and website protection
  • WeExpand: Business development tools and virtual sales
- No default or minimum usage required
- No renewal obligation
- SeV Points are valid up to 12 months from winner announcement
- The programme will support 10 candidates at each cohort
- The credits are designed to enable operations for at least 6 months

SeV Points Redemption image